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The timeframe, topics and number of sessions can be tailored to the needs of the organization.

  • What is Sex Trafficking?

  • Types of Trafficking in America

  • How to Identify Sex Trafficking Victims

  • The Demand, Who are the customers and buyers of exploited people?

  • How to Protect Children, Including Online, Apps & Gaming Devices

  • Trafficker Pimp Control

  • Types of Trauma Trafficking Victims and Survivors Experience

  • Introduction to the Neurobiology of Trauma

  • Introduction Satanic Ritual Occult Trafficking

  • A Biblical View of Sex Trafficking (If Faith Based)

  • How to Report Sex Trafficking



Equipping and empowering your organization, business, nonprofit and or safe home to serve trafficking survivors suffering with dissociative disorders and satanic ritual abuse / occult trafficking.  This training is suitable for participants who have already attended a Sex Trafficking 101 Training. In person and online training options available!  Depending on the level of previous education of the staff & volunteer team, each session will be intentionally tailored to the needs of the organization.

Session One:  Interacting with Victims & Survivors

  • Sula’s Story

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Communicating with Victims & Survivors

  • Why Victims Shut Down and Stop Talking

  • Compassion Meter

  • Bible Scriptures and Strategic Prayer Points for Attendees (If Faith Based Training)

  • Q&A


Session Two: Understanding the Internal War of Trafficking Victims

  • Stockholm Syndrome, Trauma Bonding, Complex Trauma

  • Trauma, Symptoms & Behaviors

  • Dissociation & Dissociative Disorders

  • Introduction to the Neurobiology of Trauma

  • Bible Scriptures and Strategic Prayer Points for Attendees (If Faith Based Training)

  • Q&A 


Session Three: Satanic Ritual Abuse & Occult Trafficking

  • Introduction to SRA

  • Occult Calendar

  • Infrastructure and Map for Rituals

  • Trigger Codes and Brainwashing Rituals

  • Touch Warning

  • Technology Devices and Illegal Surgeries

  • Removing Occult Items and Markings

  • Bible Scriptures and Strategic Prayer Points for Attendees (If Faith Based Training)

  • Q&A


Session Four: What Satanist and Occult Traffickers DON’T want You to Know 

  • The Foundation of Satan’s Government (The motivation behind the Evil)

  • Occult Astral Projection Explained

  • Occult Satanist Strategies against Victims upon Escaping Trafficking

  • Q&A


Session Four Additions for Faith Based Training Only

  • The Foundation of God's Government

  • The Power & Authority of Jesus (Living from the Kingdom of God)

  • Justice through Prayer & Radical Obedience

  • Warfare through Intimacy with Christ

  • Bible Scriptures and Strategic Prayer Points for Attendees

  • Q&A


When you invest in the Faith Based Advanced Online Course, you receive a comprehensive package of learning materials and experiences tailored to empower your organization, ministry, or individual purpose. Here is a detailed list of the included benefits:

  1. Four Online Videos (60-minutes each): These sessions mirror the quality and content provided in our in-person training. They are carefully designed to maximize your learning and understanding.

  2. Two Zoom Online Training Encouragement Sessions (60-minutes each): Online Training Encouragement Sessions, are a dedicated space for those embarking on their learning journey with Sula Lael or Take Flight Survivors. Here, we honor your commitment to development and offer our support as you seek to fully embrace and understand the course material. We recognize the unique path each individual and organization takes toward growth and excellence. In these sessions, we extend a warm invitation to engage in meaningful dialogue through Q&A, benefit from tailored consulting, and delve deeper into the online training in a way that resonates with your distinctive mission, ministry, or personal calling. 

  3. Complimentary Access to Future Online Courses: You'll receive free access to all future online courses created by Sula Lael or Take Flight Survivors Inc. This pertains specifically to courses on the same subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Occult Trafficking. This ensures that your organization always has access to the most current training materials.

  4. "Faith-Based Inside the Minds of Sex Trafficking Victims" Training Manuals: These are essential resources for fully processing the course content. Each participant in the course, whether an employee, volunteer, or staff member, is required to have a copy prior to starting the online training course. Training manual books can be purchased on Amazon for $7.00.

  5. Comprehensive Access Guidelines: Before gaining access to our online course, it's essential to acknowledge and agree to our Usage Agreement. This agreement is a cornerstone of maintaining the quality and intended use of the course materials.  Following details a snapshot of the Usage Agreement that is signed prior to access.

  • Internal and Personal Utilization: The training videos are exclusively designed for use within your organization or ministry, or for your personal educational purposes. This ensures that the content is utilized in a manner consistent with its educational goals.

  • No Public or External Sharing: Redistribution or public display of the course materials, including on any online platforms or social media, is strictly prohibited. This policy safeguards the proprietary nature of the content and respects intellectual property rights.

  • Training Manual: Each course participant must possess a physical copy of the Training Manual book. This is crucial for a comprehensive understanding and engagement with the course content.

  • Online Training Encouragement Sessions: Your commitment includes participation in 2 Online Training Encouragement Sessions, following sessions 2 and 4 of the course. These sessions, available live or as recorded replays, are instrumental for Q&A, prayer, and to facilitate a deeper understanding and processing of the course material.

  • Ensuring Integrity and Value: Adhering to these guidelines is vital for preserving the integrity of the learning experience and ensuring the full value of the educational journey is realized by all participants.


“We run a safe house for sex trafficking victims, however we felt so ill equipped to serve victims as SRA. We wanted to be able to say yes, but didn't know how. We got connected with Sula and she came and trained our team in person. She did so amazing! From our prayer team, to our advocates, and even our male security team, were all so moved by the strategy that God has given Sula. She is an amazing trainer and she did such an amazing job engaging with our teams and even the questions they had. She brought the Holy Spirit into that training room and brought so much authority and peace into a space that can seem scary.  We have now been able to serve SRA victims and have been able to do that successfully due to Sula's training and support. I recommend her to any and all non-profits that want to start serving these vulnerable populations but where in the same spot we were and not knowing how to start.” 

-Kayla Faith, Program Director of Freedom Shield Foundation

“You are a gem and I am so grateful for you. I’ve prayed for a year for strategy from heaven to help set His daughters free and I believe that’s what He is giving me through you! Excited for all these tools.”

-Anja Khoma, Chief Program Officer of Helping Captives

"I have applied almost every aspect of what Sula taught and I've seen God work in miraculous ways from integrating parts to removing scars and brandings! It has been amazing to see God move in work through the skills and information she has shared." -Online Training Participant

"The course materials were great and really eye-opening. It's scary stuff but I was grateful it didn't go into extreme detail but just gave an overview so that we aren't blindsided by what SRA survivors tell us and so that we can relate and understand where they are coming from. I was also grateful for Sula's positive, "overcomer" stance on our position over the enemy!! This is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE when teaching this material. Otherwise, it feels very hopeless." -Online Training Participant

"I don't think there is enough room to share my overall experience with this course. It has challenged and changed my walk with the Lord personally as well as my work professionally. It has given me access to tools that have radically changed how I do ministry." -Online Training Participant

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