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“Every anti-trafficking organization needs a Sula! I believe the anti-trafficking industry in general has been trying to fight this war in the natural, and the reality is we will never win the war if we only look at the natural/physical component. We must understand this is a spiritual battle, and if we don’t have spiritual understanding and insight, we will never win the war. When you bring Sula in, it will be like a veil is completely lifted off your eyes and you will have a new lens of understanding in how to fight the battle, serve your survivors, and serve your staff and volunteers. She is one of a kind, and carries a very anointed and strategic piece to win this war!”

-Allison Madrigal, Founder & CEO of Rescue America


“Sula Lael provides a valuable service in consulting organizations on best care practices. Sula brings a needed perspective into anti-trafficking work. Being a survivor-informed organization is critical to serving our community and I would encourage other nonprofits executives to consider inquiring about the services Sula can provide to your organization.”

-Nicole Phillips-Rice, Founder of Lavished Ministries

"I cannot recommend Sula Lael highly enough for what she carries and what she offers! Having her come alongside survivors we serve in our safe house program has been a game changer! The additional layer of support, psycho-education, empathy, and inspiration she uniquely carries serves to empower survivors to keep taking steps toward healing and overcoming. Every organization serving survivors would benefit greatly by what Sula offers. She will enhance your program exponentially when you invest in her expertise."
-Carrie Grace, Executive Director of Carrie Grace Consulting

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"Sula has played a pivotal role in the development of my non-profit organization, providing guidance on the necessary structural elements. Her unwavering support and helpful nature make her an exceptional leader, coach, and mentor. Sula's role as a spiritual leader is marked by her profound ability to bring healing to those who have experienced pain. Her wisdom, perspective, and the inclusion of spirituality in her work make her a truly unique and impactful individual. Sula is not just a leader; she is a strong force for good, and having her on any team is a blessing."

-Kristine Jones, Founder of Priceless Jewels

“I am a firm believer that including survivors in the inner workings of nonprofits in the Anti-Trafficking movement is vital. We must hear their voice and experiences in order to best serve them. Additionally, survivors should be compensated for the expertise, advice, and consulting that they offer. Sula Lael has provided invaluable Survivor Leader input and consulting for Safe in the Panhandle and we are so thankful for her. She is a joy to work with.”
-Bruce Bailey, Director of Safe in the Panhandle

Image by Nattu Adnan

At the heart of my survivor leader consulting practice lies a deep-seated culture of joy and honor that permeates every service I provide. My goal is to add significant value to your organization while maintaining a posture of life-giving positivity, encouragement and professionalism.


  1. Care Coordination and Case Management Consulting: I bring a keen eye to evaluate and enhance your survivor care strategies, offering insights that are not only strategic but deeply empathetic. My expertise particularly shines when navigating the aftermath of complex trauma and trafficking, providing nuanced guidance that honors the individuality of each survivor's journey.

  2. Survivor Informed Marketing and Messaging: Content Review for Digital Presence - With a sensitive touch, I review and advise on your digital footprint, from websites to social media content. Ensuring that your marketing materials reflect a survivor-centered approach is paramount, and I stand ready to guide you towards a presentation that is both effective and compassionate.

  3. Trauma-Informed Organizational Assessment: My analysis of your SOPs, forms, policies, and procedures is infused with a trauma-informed lens, ensuring that every aspect of your organization is aligned with best practices that support and empower survivors.

  4. Training Program Development: By reviewing and improving your training initiatives, I help bridge knowledge and practice gaps, enhancing the skill set of your staff and volunteers to better serve and understand the needs of those on their healing paths.

  5. Survivor's Journey Analysis: Through a thorough analysis from intake to program completion, I offer insights that refine both the survivor's experience and the effectiveness of your programs, always with an eye towards dignity and respect.

  6. Service and Resource Strategy: I provide strategic recommendations for additional services and resources that could benefit survivors, and advise on potential program expansions or enhancements that honor the survivor's strength and resilience.

  7. Support and Encouragement: Recognizing and uplifting effective practices is crucial. I offer motivational support to your staff and leadership, acknowledging the good work done and fostering an environment of continuous growth and improvement.

  8. Custom Survivor Leader Input: Tailoring my services to meet your unique challenges, I provide expert advice and adapt my consultations to best serve your organization's specific needs and opportunities.


In every interaction, my aim is to contribute positively to the tapestry of your organization's efforts to support survivors, ensuring that each thread of my work is woven with intentionality and an unwavering commitment to excellence and sensitivity.

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