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Author, Minister & Sex Trafficking Abolitionist

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Fighting for Your

In Fighting for Your Purpose, Sula unapologetically shares the traumatic and drama filled details of her life.  As if speaking to a close friend, she holds nothing back in hopes that through her mistakes, pain and ultimately her miraculous life transformation, you would be drawn to the God who makes all things new.  Take a journey through valuable truths to help you discover a closer relationship with God, find freedom from your past, personally learn what your God Purpose is and how to Fight for it.  Fighting for your purpose features a "Self-Work" section at the conclusion of each chapter for personal reflection and application. 


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Fighting For Your Purpose has touched my heart in a deep way. I have often wondered what on earth I am here for and why I have battled through so much. This book helped me to recognize that the attacks on my life were and are directly linked to the calling and purpose God has for me, and were an attempt to stop me. I so appreciate and relate to the vulnerability in which Sula shares her story. The self-work through out the book makes it feel more like a Bible study. I now have a new mandate in my heart that I am here to share my story to help others and I will never quit fighting for my purpose in God!



This book will change your life. If you’re curious about faith or God, this book is your crash course and it truly saved me. Thank you Sula.


 Your book resonated so deeply with me. Reading it comforted me. Not in a sick twisted way, but to see God heal and make a way for you. There is hope and healing waiting. We just need to continue to share what He has done for us with others.  Super glad Jesus saved you.

-Survivor of Sex Trafficking

Image by Nattu Adnan
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Take Flight Survivors, Inc.

Sula founded Take Flight Survivors in 2022...  Embracing sex trafficking survivors with comfort and support as they transition from slavery to a safe place.  We provide financial assistance for transportation, housing, safe house program fees, immediate needs during transition from sex trafficking to FREEDOM.

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