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Image by Nattu Adnan
Sula Prayer Headshot.jpg


Sula Lael’s passion for helping others comes from overcoming a very painful past. She has found freedom and healing from the traumas of her life and has been radically transformed through becoming a fiery believer and a follower of Jesus Christ. Her life exudes joy and peace, which is present in all that she does as an Author, Minister, and Abolitionist!


As a survivor of sex trafficking, she works to spread awareness, teach prevention, and equip nonprofits & service providers in the anti-trafficking movement through training and consulting. With a wealth of experience, she has aided countless survivors of exploitation and occult ritual abuse in escape, healing, and transition to a renewed life.


It is her joy to advance the Kingdom of God with the love & power of the Gospel. She ministers in faith to see Jesus miraculously heal many. She is an accomplished author of five books with more on the way! Additionally, she started a 501c3 Nonprofit called Take Flight Survivors in 2022.


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