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Survivor led and trauma informed Encouragement Sessions create a nurturing environment (via zoom or over the phone) for survivors of sexual exploitation. These sessions assist them on their emotional journey from escape to establishing a new, secure life. I focus on addressing the unique spoken needs of survivors, aiding them in managing their traumatic experiences, triggers, fears, emotions, and struggles. I am here to provide necessary support for them to grow and heal, while honoring their readiness by moving at their pace.  My goal is to be an understanding friend through the challenging transition of escaping the sex industry and pursuing a life of purpose.



Although my faith as a follower of Jesus is a huge part of my life, I do not push & force religion or approach Encouragement Sessions with a Faith Based agenda for those who have different beliefs, backgrounds or religions.  Additionally, I lovingly support survivors who identify as LGBTQ+.  Basically, I don’t care what you have been through, what you believe or how you identify… You are worthy of love, encouragement and support.  I honor all survivors of sexual exploitation.




20-30% of sex trafficking survivors who call the Rescue America Hotline for help with exiting have experienced satanic ritual abuse during their exploitation. Acknowledging the diverse experiences of survivors, I am honored to provide specialized Encouragement Sessions for those dealing with the aftermath of occult and satanic ritual abuse trafficking. The complexity of these experiences requires a distinct approach, one that my survivor-led sessions are well-equipped to offer.  Not only is this part of what I have personally survived, but I have been honored to assist several others with the same background.




I would love the opportunity to support your organization, ministry or safe home by including survivor leader Encouragement Sessions.  I love the diversity of what individuals and organizations bring to the anti-trafficking movement.  I will celebrate and honor your vision, policies and procedures while serving the survivors of sexual exploitation in your care.


In my commitment to providing the most effective support for survivors, I have established a valuable partnership with Rescue America, a leading organization that offers hotline services for victims and survivors during their escape. This partnership enables me to support survivors as they transition to safe homes around the nation. I hope to partner with your organization to be an additional valuable resource of support to those you are called to reach.



Encouragement Sessions are $75.  I offer a free 30 minute introductory, “get to know me,” Encouragement Session to ensure that I’m good fit and the survivor desires to move forward in sessions with me.  If a survivor is scheduling Encouragement Sessions paid for through Take Flight Survivors, United Abolitionists, Rescue America or another organization that has agreed to cover the expense, please note that in the referral section when scheduling.  



A Release of Information (ROI) is generally not mandatory for Encouragement Sessions. It is only necessary when collaborating with an organization or individual that offers care, services, resources, and advocacy, and where it is deemed advantageous for them to have direct communication with Sula Lael, LLC for these specific purposes.

Thank you for submitting the Release of Information. Please be aware that you have the right to revoke this authorization at any time. To do so, simply send an email to expressing your wish to withdraw your consent.


We have observed that survivors who receive support from individuals who have personally experienced and overcome similar adversities are more likely to succeed in transitioning into a safe home or program providing necessary services. Our survivor-led Encouragement Sessions contribute significantly to this successful transition.


-“You are the first person that I’ve talked to who understands me.”
-“I feel supported for the first time in this fight that I have also lived in for decades.”
-“I think I can go to the ‘safe home’ knowing that I can still talk to you and have a familiar face,
someone I know.”
-"I saw my mental health provider and I no longer have Eating Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder or Autism Spectrum."

-"For the first time in my life, I can sleep peacefully at night."
-"Oh my!!!! All glory goes to God!! It worked! I didn't wake to pain for the first time in a year and a half!! Praise God!! Thank you for praying with me!!"

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